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Association of paretns of children with disabilities "Vukovar butterfliees"



The association is funded through projects and donations. In term to ensure continuous and quality work to our butterflies, you can come as a volunteer or give us financial support.

Addiko Bank
Account number 2500009-1101363619
IBAN: HR62 2500 0091 1013 6361 9



- Neurofeedback

- Educational rehabilitation

- Sensory integration

- Occupational therapy

- Playgroups

- Brain Gym

- Laser (QRI)

- Tomatis

- Sports and recreation activities









The association aims to promote the quality of life, medical and social care for children with developmental disabilities and their families. The association promotes the rights of children with disabilities through goals:

• Continuous medical care and habilitation

• Promoting equality of opportunity

• No discrimination

• Promoting and encouraging the inclusion of culture in society

• Full participation in society according to their abilities

• The acceptance of disability in society as part of human diversity

• The rights of parents and appreciation circumstances

• Implementation of education and socialization of children with disabilities



The association is a provider of continuous habilitation care. For this purpose, engages experts of relevant areas and promotes education the same.

• establishing and maintaining cooperation with parents of children with developmental disabilities, professional people, institutions and organizations at home and abroad;

• inform members and the public about the problems of children with developmental disabilities and their families;

• encourage the development of the necessary institutions (eg kindergartens, educational institutions and working with custom applications, integration institutions, medical institutions, etc.);

• organization of programs for children with disabilities in collaboration with experts (cultural and sports activities, games and the like.);

• organization of expert meetings, conferences, seminars, etc .;

• promotion of education and professional training of persons working with children with disabilities;

• cooperating with the local community (other associations, Polytechnic in Vukovar-study physiotherapy) for the purpose of organizing volunteering with the aim of encouraging the inclusion of culture in the society of the future expert-promoters.

• organizes activities social events in the Association (playrooms, workshops, entertainment, etc.) To the socialization of children.

• publishing activity in accordance with the objectives and tasks Association (information, cooperation on translation and literature etc.);

• collection and distribution of humanitarian aid;

• manufacture and sale of souvenirs

• work on other tasks in order to improve and develop the quality of life of children with developmental disabilities and their families.